Partners and legal notes

The information relating to the advertisements on this site are based on information provided by the selling customers during the inspection visits. The information received cannot always be a guarantee of maximum accuracy. During the inspections, cadastral plans are often provided (the only ones attached to the deeds of sale) which do not contain any indication of the size of the buildings. The advertisements therefore may contain margins of error and / or gaps. Some offers may be unavailable due to the seller's non-timely communication of the suspension of the property from the market or the sale with our colleagues third parties, not all properties being under exclusive management. The information relating to the area is given by the so-called georeferencing, or by the association of geographical coordinates to certain images or documents, this in order to facilitate the visualization through the telematic channels of the area / locality in which the document or image (in this case the property) is located. Again, but for different reasons, the information may be inaccurate. The reason for this inaccuracy is in this case "deliberate". This is in order to guarantee total confidentiality to the selling customer who does not authorize to publish the address of his property for sale also and above all for security reasons, which we first of all wish for. The area and / or address indicated (georeferencing) will be adjacent to the real one, which in the case of exclusive properties can be communicated but only at our offices.